It includes our range of original top quality traditional recipe German sausages, such as Frankfurters, Bratwurst or grilled, etc., as well as other typical recipes: Danish, Käsenkreiner or sausage with cheese, krakauer or cracovia, smoked sausage and smoked spicy pork sausage. As we make them, we can adapt them to the specifications of the customer (in weight and size, etc.).


Our range of precooked products

We are a manufacturer and distributor of precooked meat products.

Frequently asked questions about our precooked meat products

What are the benefits of our company’s precooked meat products?

Kasteel Iberoalimentaria’s precooked meat products offer a series of outstanding benefits. Firstly, they are a convenient option for those looking to prepare delicious meals in a short time. In addition, our wide range of products, which includes everything from original German sausages to pork burgers and chicken patties, provides variety and versatility in the kitchen. Quality is a priority for us, and all our products meet rigorous control and certification standards, guaranteeing freshness and safety. In addition, a large part of our production is focused on gluten-free products, thus meeting the needs of a broad group of consumers.

How is food safety guaranteed in the production of meat products?

Food safety is a fundamental priority at Kasteel Iberoalimentaria. To ensure it, we implement exhaustive control plans that range from the analysis of raw materials to the finished product. In addition, we conduct internal and external quality audits of both products and processes, allowing us to verify and maintain established standards. An essential aspect of our food safety strategy is the traceability of our products. This tool allows us to trace each stage of processing, from the raw material to the final product, thus guaranteeing the safety and peace of mind of our customers when purchasing our products.

What differentiates Kasteel Iberoalimentaria from other manufacturers of pre-cooked meat products?

Kasteel Iberoalimentaria is distinguished by its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.Our company has extensive experience in the manufacture of meat products, which allows us to offer products tailored to our clients’ needs.In addition, our dedication to innovation and adaptability allows us to be at the forefront of the pre-cooked meat products industry.Quality, food safety and customer satisfaction are our main pillars.We work in close collaboration with our customers to develop solutions that adapt to their specific needs, thus making a difference in the meat products market.

Additional information on our range of pre-cooked meat foods

How can consumers enjoy Kasteel Iberoalimentaria’s pre-cooked products?

Enjoying Kasteel Iberoalimentaria’s pre-cooked products is easy and versatile. All our products are designed to support their preparation with convection oven, which facilitates cooking at home. You can choose from a wide range of options, such as sausages, burgers, chicken tenders and more. Our products are ideal for quick and delicious meals at any time. In addition, much of our production focuses on gluten-free products, making them suitable for a variety of consumers, including those with dietary restrictions.

What is Kasteel Iberoalimentaria’s mission in terms of quality and commitment to its customers?

Kasteel Iberoalimentaria’s fundamental mission is to ensure the quality of its products and services, in line with customer expectations and regulatory and normative requirements. Our company strives to provide superior quality frozen meat products that fully satisfy the needs of our customers and consumers. To achieve this, we work with a quality-based approach to people, product and service. We pride ourselves on our commitment to constant innovation, responsibility, concern for consumer health and confidence in our products. Our guarantee of safety and our aim for constant improvement are fundamental aspects of our mission.

Do precooked meat products contain gluten?

At Kasteel Iberoalimentaria, we understand the importance of offering inclusive food options. That is why a large part of our production is focused on gluten-free products. We strive to minimize the use of allergenic components in our precooked meat products, making them suitable for a wide range of consumers. Our commitment to quality and food safety is reflected in the careful selection of ingredients and production processes that ensure our gluten-free products are safe and delicious for those with dietary restrictions or gluten allergies.