Quality is a priority on the activities carried out by KASTEEL IBEROALIMENTARIA. Thus, our company, on its effort to improve, makes it its main goal to ensure the quality of the products and services rendered, in accordance with the implicit and explicit demands of the customers, the markets and the regulation and normative requirements.

Control and analysis

We do thorough control plans and analysis of the raw materials and the finished products. The control plans are complemented with internal and external quality audits, both of the products and the processes used, thus verifying the established standards.

Traceability system

Traceability is an essential tool for our products’ safety. It guarantees the monitoring of any of the processing phases of the food, from the raw materials (authorizing our distributors) to the final product. All of this appears on the company’s APPCC, so that our customers are guaranteed of it when acquiring our products.

Launch of the IFS (International Food Standard) quality certificate.

Gluten-free products

Most of our production focuses on gluten-free products and on minimizing the usage of allergens, thus attending to the needs of any type of consumer.